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Rural grocery stores
Above is a portion of the print layout of the Illinois Issues article.

The changing media landscape is fun, scary, challenging, rewarding, entertaining, and I hope informative. News organizations increasingly work to deliver their content in multiple ways to suit multiple tastes.

Recently I posted a link to a 2,000-word article I wrote for Illinois Issues magazine regarding challenges for small-town grocery stores. For any of us who have lived in a small town, or know people who live in small towns, it is a significant issue, particularly for the less mobile in those communities.

There are some shining examples of local groceries, such as the Windsor Food Center, but they are too few in number.

Illinois Issues is published by the University of Illinois at Springfield, which has merged the magazine staff with its public radio component broadcast by WUIS. Of course the radio and magazine also publish on the web, both the print and voice components. Like most of the rest of the media world, they are delivering original content on multiple platforms.

After the print piece of my article was published, I talked with reporter Bill Wheelhouse from the WUIS radio station. He put that into a nearly 9-minute segment which aired this week and is on the attached link, that also includes the print piece if you missed it.

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