Pondering the future

Periodically, I get out for lunch. In the conversation last week, the future of television arose. “The next five years will be very interesting,” was one of the comments, as my friend added: “I don’t know anyone who watches live TV any more. It’s just not a good consumer experience.”
For me, I will watch live sports. Even there, it’s becoming popular to tape the game and start watching after an hour or so, in which case you catch up in time for the end (if it’s a competitive game).

It seems television may be completing a circle. Back in the day, there were three networks, that was all you got, and the thought of paying a monthly fee was foreign. Over time, we learned to pay higher and higher monthly fees for seemingly endless numbers of channels.

Now, you can stream essentially what you want, when you want, and customize your own deal, foregoing the notion you have to take all the channels that are conveniently “packaged.”

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