From Mayor of Moultrie Avenue

An inspiring story of a student and tutor who learned together, took risks together, and enriched each other’s lives.
Pat Hemmett, former literacy advisor, Lake Land College

Carl Walworth takes us on a journey that tugs at our heartstrings and teaches us valuable lessons.
Gerald Garcia, National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ Hall of Fame

This beautiful partnership proves the struggle is worthwhile and that our efforts in adult basic education have an impact.
Karen Bowen, adult educator


From Lake Sara, Hidden Jewel in America’s Heartland

Carl truly helped bring our project to life. He did an amazing job interviewing and researching to produce the countless stories you read throughout. Winding together all of the history, storied accounts, and newspaper clippings into words on the page was quite the feat and Carl mastered it beautifully.

Jack Schultz & Nash Naam, MD


From Considine Family Traditions

We received a family memory book from our children and grandchildren for Christmas this past year which was compiled by Carl Walworth. When reading it and enjoying the pictures, it is like reliving all the wonderful memories our family has created over the years. It is a book to treasure and share with our family and friends.

Dick and Regina Considine


From Verlon Myers story, Do More, Not Less

Carl brings to your kitchen much more than an appetite for food, it is a real urge to write the story and do so with accuracy. He made me feel comfortable and confident in his professional manner of taking care of business. He was punctual with our meetings and well prepared with questions which made the interviews go smoothly. His judgment was impeccable to what should be included in the book.

Verlon Myers


From Kelly and Brian Helmers wedding story

Our daughter Kelly and son-in-law Brian were so pleased with their (wedding) memory book as were we!

Thank you for the personal touch you gave in completing it. I plan to show others. It is really one of a kind.

Bill and Barb Butts