Lake Sara: The Hidden Jewel in America's Heartland

By: Jack Schultz with Nash Naam MD

A history of the creation of Lake Sara, a man-made lake completed in 1957 to provide a water reservoir for Effingham, Illinois after a drought that lasted from 1952-1955 left the city concerned about their future water supply. Includes many beautiful pictures of the lake mostly from the photography of Nash Naam, MD.

The Mayor of Moultrie Avenue: The Literacy Journey of an Unlikely Pair

By: Carl Walworth

When long-time reporter Carl Walworth volunteers for a local literacy program, he never imagines his weekly lesson with Eldo Ealy will turn into a twenty-four-year friendship. Nor does he anticipate what he learns in return: innovation, endurance, and the art of giving. Questioning assumptions and putting a human face on nonreaders, The Mayor of Moultrie Avenue explores education, health care,

Son of Southern Illinois: Glenn Poshard’s Life in Politics and Education

By: Carl Walworth with Glen Poshard

This first biography of Glenn Poshard traces the life of a young man who rose from rural poverty in Southern Illinois to become a United States congressman and president of the Southern Illinois University system.
Considine Family Traditions

Considine Family Traditions

Carl Walworth

A memory book for the Considine Family, compiled by Carl Walworth, complete with family photos.

SK Air Power: Celebrating 50 Years

S & K Air Power: Celebrating 50 Years

Carl Walworth

A memory book for the SK Air Power Company compiled by Carl Walworth.

Kelly and Brian Helmers wedding story

Kelly and Brian Helmers Wedding Story

Carl Walworth

A memory book for Kelly and Brian Helmers compiled by Carl Walworth.