Meaningful attire

My recent purchase of the sweatshirt pictured with this post sent me down memory lane.

From 1979-83, I worked alongside smart, talented, ambitious, hard-working, purpose-driven colleagues in an atmosphere we could not recreate. We were all University of Illinois students putting in the foundation for our careers. The Daily Illini, the independent, student-run newspaper, was the common denominator.

We challenged and made each other better. The result was a product that captured the vibrancy of our campus and the abilities of our staff. My start in sports included covering the University of Illinois rugby club and women’s track program. I was fortunate to land editor positions my last two years.

As a senior I was selected for the Raymond Clamage award, an honor that is a highlight. Click on the previous recipient tab to find who else was selected through the years. Post-graduation, we quickly spread in varied career paths. From a distance, I applauded several good works. No doubt my limited social media presence prevents me from maintaining more relationships.

Given time to reflect, however, I appreciate how special the experience was. When I received notice of a DI fundraiser that came with a sweatshirt commemorating 150 years, I was in. Four years working in the basement of Illini Hall with such driven colleagues emits memories of experiences foundational to many notable careers.

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