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Same time, different conditions

Apr 27 2015

Normally I prefer to test new experiences rather than repeat what I’ve already done. Where I go back to the familiar, I…

An interesting perspective

Apr 22 2015

For those of us who live in rural America, this article is interesting.    

A grain industry veteran

Apr 20 2015

I’m enjoying and learning from profiles put together on veterans of the grain industry for the Grain Journal. Below is a link…

Adding a voice to the words

Apr 15 2015

The changing media landscape is fun, scary, challenging, rewarding, entertaining, and I hope informative. News organizations increasingly work to deliver their content…

Marketable photo expertise for $50

Apr 13 2015

Along the walls of the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisc., are various documents that trace the history behind a pioneering home…

Lakefront gem

Apr 13 2015

The Yerkes Observatory sets itself apart in the Wisconsin village of Williams Bay. Set on 77 acres, the massive structure is well…

Be Kind, Have Courage

Apr 09 2015

I saw the remake of Cinderella last night. As remakes go, it was nicely done. The story has some meanings that hold…

These looks are familiar

Apr 06 2015

I quit keeping track of the number of TV shows devoted to interior design, home remodeling, etc., etc. They aren’t high on…

Life in the food desert

Apr 02 2015

When I was in the newspaper business, I once wrote about the challenges full-service grocery stores face in small towns (usually defined…

Here are a couple samples

Apr 01 2015

What I have today is some quick self-promotion. I’ve had some questions about what people might expect in personal books. So I’ve posted a…