Same time, different conditions

Normally I prefer to test new experiences rather than repeat what I’ve already done. Where I go back to the familiar, I like adding a different touch. For example, when we revisit an area we like in southeastern Wisconsin, I like finding at least one new thing each visit.

Last Saturday was my second time running the half marathon in Champaign-Urbana. The goal was to improve my time by 5 minutes.

The damp, cool weather provided another new twist as I normally don’t train outside in inclement weather. So I got to learn how to run in the rain.

Embracing the weather was a success. Cooler is preferable to the heat when running, and a little rain was enjoyable.

As for my time, the first 10 minutes I was tracking to meet my goal. I struggled the last three miles, and beat my time from last year by just 30 seconds.

Finishing was fun, but the time was disappointing. As for what to do next, we’ll see …

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